Donkey Basketball

Last Sunday, I finally had the opportunity to get the cobwebs off my camera and go out and shoot something. I knew donkey basketball would be going on at my alma mater, so how could there not be good pictures there? It was fun to shoot, although I did see more grown men in cutoff blue jean shorts than I had anticipated. 

Body Shop Brothers

Body Shop Brothers was a small story I did last October for my picture story class with Rita Reed. What started out as a job profile centered on one person quickly turned into a story about the friendship between these two guys who work together. Ryan and James were both laid back which made this story somewhat easy and fun to shoot. 

Originally, I had all the photos and captions under the audio slideshow I did on my website and decided it was too redundant. Since I have a slight attachment to my captions I thought maybe I could post them here for anyone interested in checking them out. I think the captions say a lot about their personalities that you don't necessarily get from the audio slideshow.