More cheesy family portraits

I had the honor of photographing my sister-in-law's family the weekend before last. Honestly, I was a little nervous when I found out I would be photographing 19 people, but hey I think it worked out. The most frustrating part is trying to get everything to look consistent. Feel free to let me know what you think. 

Donkey Basketball

Last Sunday, I finally had the opportunity to get the cobwebs off my camera and go out and shoot something. I knew donkey basketball would be going on at my alma mater, so how could there not be good pictures there? It was fun to shoot, although I did see more grown men in cutoff blue jean shorts than I had anticipated. 

Body Shop Brothers

Body Shop Brothers was a small story I did last October for my picture story class with Rita Reed. What started out as a job profile centered on one person quickly turned into a story about the friendship between these two guys who work together. Ryan and James were both laid back which made this story somewhat easy and fun to shoot. 

Originally, I had all the photos and captions under the audio slideshow I did on my website and decided it was too redundant. Since I have a slight attachment to my captions I thought maybe I could post them here for anyone interested in checking them out. I think the captions say a lot about their personalities that you don't necessarily get from the audio slideshow. 

First Venture into Lifestyle Photography

While I'm no stranger to taking gobs of photos of my darling nephew, a couple of weeks ago I did my first real family shoot of my brother's little family. I haven't done much for lifestyle photography but now I find myself drawn to it. Like photojournalism, you're essentially doing the same thing; trying to tell people's story through photographs. 

The hardest thing I found about this shoot (other than getting my nephew to briefly hold still) was posing people, because it's not something I'm quite used to. Also, editing. I was trying to give my photos a sort of matte look and hopefully I was somewhat successful. 

I'm looking forward to doing more lifestyle work because I think it'll help with my creativity and composition areas I have plenty of room to improve in. 

Anyways, hope you like some of the shots I got of these kids.